Yacht type:
Rent a boat Krk
Prince Sundeck 625
Prince Sundeck 625
Overall length:
6,25 m
Hull length:
6,25 m
2,40 m
1 m
1-7 person(s)
Water tank:
40 l
Engine type:
140 HP
Highest speed:
30 kt
Most economical speed:
20 kt
Fuel tank:
180 l
Fuel consumption:
15 l/h
Year of production:
Port of departure:
Krk , Dunat
Check in after:
Check out before:


Our boat, Prince Sundeck 625 is mostly recognized for its unparalleled design and great navigational possibilities. It is an ideal vessel for relaxing and fishing, but it will also be your reliable companion wherever you might go, even if you decide to attach our water tubes, water skiis or wakeboard to its back. It has wide body that provides you with the ability to ride safely at any time and weather condition. As well, its great engine is capable of driving slowly, but if you get tired of it, it will let you really feel the wind in your hair. Like the rest of our fleet, it posses advanced navigational and Hi-Fi system which are really making this boat a must. Book now!


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